Bulk goods – it’s the quantity that counts

Particularly in the case of bulk material, there are many different materials and container forms, all of which must be handled quickly and safely. Depending on the application and material, different solutions are available.

The vacuum lifter ezzFAST from Best Handling Technology is ideal for handling sacks, drums, buckets, cartons and small load carriers. The vacuum lifter is used wherever speed is of the essence. It can be used to move goods quickly, safely and ergonomically. One example of how the ezzFAST can be used is in a dairy plant, where lactose is produced, which must then be filled into sacks, barrels and cartons and palletized. In addition to speed, the requirements placed on the vacuum lifter here are the specifications from the hygiene requirements of the food and pharmaceutical industries. When emptying bulk material, explosive dust can be generated. For potentially explosive environments, the ezzFAST is also available in different ATEX versions, depending on the EX class.

In many plants, a wide variety of materials must be weighed and combined in large quantities. The bulk material in bags or cartons etc. is then combined and mixed. The ezzFLOW balancer is ideal for handling and partially emptying cartons containing powder. A pneumatic balancer and a load pickup with vacuum suction cups are used for handling the cartons. Emptying of the cartons is carried out for the employees by means of a swivel joint with a hole grid. With the pneumatic balancer, the open carton can be parked in any position and can be positioned at any angle above the mixer due to the hole grid. In the example shown, the working area is completely covered by a gantry crane. The substructure of the crane was adapted to the special spatial conditions.

If objects have to be lifted repeatedly and transported over a limited distance from or to different locations, a mobile lifting aid is suitable. The ezzLIFT lifting trolley is capable of performing a wide range of handling tasks: Lifting and depositing, gripping/releasing, swivelling, tilting, as well as any programming of different positions and customer-specific picking and handling functions. Advantages of the ezzLIFTmaster are the easy handling, the safe pick up and deposit of the goods as well as the very good manoeuvrability. The lifting aid can be used universally and is battery operated. Thanks to its versatile standardised accessories and customised solutions, it offers attractive support for many operations involving lifting and moving. Even in confined spaces, the ezzLIFTmaster is easy to move thanks to its four castors. The quick-change coupling allows quick changeover to different applications, for example from tool change to packaging film handling.


Dose: The container is rotated to empty the contents manually by means of a crank or electrically by pressing a button. A wide range of different grippers allows different containers to be clamped so that everything can be held and emptied safely. Cartons, barrels and buckets can be clamped in a force- and form-locking manner and turned as required. The ezzLIFTmaster’s front or side discharge function allows easy and accurate dispensing by pouring. The flowability depends on the substances that are powdery or liquid. In addition, if the container is jammed, the operator can use a trowel to assist the dosing process. In this case, holding the container makes it easier for the operator, which significantly improves ergonomic working.

Weighing: A special tool of the ezzLIFTmaster is an integrated scale. The advantage here is that weighing can also be carried out directly on the lifting aid. There is a load cell on the base frame of the lifting aid, on which a weighing platform is mounted. The incoming goods can also be verified, weighed and stored by the load cell in connection with a data logger or an online connection. The display is usually located on the column of the mobile lifting aid. However, the display can be placed according to customer requirements. For example, it can also be attached to a flexible arm so that it can be rotated individually. In this way, the mass can be weighed directly during decanting and dosing without having to carry out another intermediate step.

Mixing: For small batches, the ezzLIFTmaster can also be used as a continuous mixing device. The advantage here is that the substances can be dosed and then mixed directly without changing the device. A container can be picked up, lifted, mixed and set down with the lifting aid. The positions are then moved to by pressing a button. This can also be done while driving. The mixing operation is also carried out by pressing a button. The positions of the pick-up and set-down points as well as the mixing (duration, reversal of direction, …) can be preset by a special control.

There are therefore individual solutions for each bulk material, which make handling easier and more ergonomic. More efficient work processes increase the competitiveness of the company and offer improved profitability in the long term.