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Best Handling Technology has got a new marketing manager

The company named Best Handling Technology has gotten a new marketing manager: Sabrina Burk.
The new marketing manager at Best Handling Technology : Sabrina Burk.

We welcome a new team member in our team: Sabrina Burk. She has been responsible for marketing in our company since January 1. Briefly and concisely a few facts about her person:

Name: Sabrina Burk

Position: Marketing Manager

Responsibilities: Marketing, social media, press and public relations, trade fairs.

With BHT since: January 1st, 2020

BHT in 3 words: Hands-on-mentality

Career: Master of Arts, Trainee (Public Relations) and Junior PR-Manager

Most important equipment: Sheet and pen

For me, handling equipment means making work processes more ergonomic and thus offering employees a better workplace: having more fun at work and doing something good for their health.“

Sabrina Burk may be a newcomer to the industry, but she is very familiar with the needs of clients who require solutions and tools. Burk previously worked at a communications agency where she primarily served a healthcare company. She marketed assistive products to both end users and specialty retailers. What the marketing manager finds exciting about Best Handling Technology is that products have to be marketed to people to make their lives or work easier. "I find it an interesting change to illuminate the topic of support and helping from a completely different perspective for once," Ms. Sabrina Burk expresses.

Ms. Burk will be happy to answer any questions you may have: e-mail: phone: (+49) 0641- 132 70 863


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