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New active support in the Best Handling Technology team

We welcome a new team member to our ranks: Dennis Bode. He is responsible for the assembly and service area with immediate effect. A few short facts about the new colleague:

Name: Dennis Bode

Position: assembly and service coordinator

With BHT since: june 2021

BHT in 4 words: optimize production processes through occupational

Experience: safety maschinist - mechanical engineering technician

Most important equipment: hexagon wrench set

This photo depicts the new assembly and service coordinator Dennis Bode joining the Best Handling Technology team.
Dennis Bode, the new assembly and service coordinator, joins the Best Handling Technology team.

"When a customer has a problem, it's a personal concern of mine to take care of them until they're not only satisfied, but in the best case scenario, recommend us to others."

Dennis Bode grew up in the industrial sector. With his training as a cutting machine operator and his engineering studies, he laid the foundations for his professional future. He now has 10 years of experience in mechanical engineering and worked as a service and support technician, among other things, before joining Best Handling Technology.

He particularly enjoys the customer contact in his job: "I am the contact person for the customers and solve their "little problems"–whether by phone, by mail or on site. Customer contact is very important to me." The interaction with customers, being on the road and the variety motivate him anew every week. "Just being in the workshop at the assembly table every day is not for me," says Bode. Furthermore, he will also be on the road for safety inspections and perform on-site training of the equipment. Since he enjoys helping customers and solving problems, he is a perfect fit for the team, as Best Handling Technology is a solution provider.

Mr. Bode will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our service:

mobile phone: 00491637994604


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