Best Handling Technology recommends the use of ezzFAST wherever handling depends on the speed of the operation alongside self-evident safety and ergonomics. The applications for super-fast uptake and storage of goods will ensure optimum operation of your business.

Best Handling Technology recommends the use of ezzFLOW when delicate products are handled, assembled or fitted. The intuitive handling perfectly adapts to the user, allowing complete focus and concentration on the precision of the activity - the effort is simply kept away.

Best Handling Technology recommends the use of ezzLIFT where goods are transported over a limited distance between different locations. The lightweight and easy handling of the ezzLIFT provides secure charging and discharging of goods and offers free movement of loads with ease.

Best Handling Technology's support systems for all constructions, functions and applications. ezzLINK flex for operating at various locations, ezzLINK rail, designed for optimal coverage of your workspace, ezzLINK eco, the cost saving solution and ezzLINK rack for easy installation. ezzLINK perfectly fits your operation.


ezzFAST is used where handling depends on the speed of the operation.

Load capacity: Up to 400 kg

Applications of ezzFAST:
The applications of ezzFAST are found everywhere where speed is essential. This is especially true for loading and unloading, palletizing, but also numerous handling tasks in the production, testing and packaging processes.

Special features of ezzFAST:

  • Control handles for long distance handling
  • Control handles for high reach handling
  • Tilting and turning devices
  • Mechanical, pneumatical and vacuum-operated end effectors

ezzFLOW is used when delicate products are handled, assembled or fitted.

Load capacity:

  • ezzFLOWpneumatic   : 60 - 350 kg
  • ezzFLOWsmart            : 60 - 1000 kg

Applications of ezzFLOW:

  • Allocation of components during assembly of machines, equipment and vehicles. (Gearboxes, Pumps, Compressors, Engines)
  • Assembly of machinery
  • Assembly of vehicles and many others, most difficult tasks

Special features of ezzFLOW:

  • The ezzFLOWpneumatic is particularly suitable for the handling of or work with same components.
  • The ezzFLOW electronic is the top technology product with almost unlimited possibilities.
    • Without operator intervention, the weight is determined and balanced to moving the goods.
    • Multiple programming options allow Integration in the control of the production line.

ezzLIFT is used when goods are transported over a limited distance from or at different locations.

Load capacity:

  • ezzLIFTlite            -     50 - 250 kg
  • ezzLIFTmaster    -      80 - 500 kg
  • ATEX Design upon request

Application of ezzLIFT:

  • Feeding parts into the shelves or workstation
  • handling parts between storage and assembly area
  • the positioning of components
  • loading of conveyors or cleaning equipment and much more

Special features of ezzLIFT:

  • Modular design of chassis, Lifting mast and drive, automatic warning and safety concept and three speeds depending on the load
  • Slowly positioning
  • fast lifting and lowering loads
  • super-fast for unloaded movement

Relieves employees from lifting heavy, awkward loads

  • allows an employee to perform tasks without evoke colleagues
  • avoids waiting times on trucks, cranes or other means of transport

Freestanding pillar boom jib crane
The carrier system with maximum flexibility: no floor or wall mounting, movable and ready for use, height-adjustable telescopic pole, various reach arms.

Pillar jib crane, wall jib crane, pillar boom jib crane.
The simple and cost effective solution for stationary applications

Rail systems of steel or aluminum
The modular system for your individual request to load and operating range.

Gantries in steel and aluminum
Modular system can be configured to your specific requirements. A full range of load capacities, with and without floor fastening - it can always be adapted to changing conditions