Best Handling Technology
The best source when it comes to improving your work stations. Time is money.
We create workplaces that:

  • are safe and protect your employees from hazards.
  • productively equip your business for the future.
  • are ergonomic and occupational diseases are avoided.

Our Team
Our internationally experienced team of engineers, Lean experts and 6-Sigma Black Belts can advise on the existing potential for optimization in the area of production and internal logistics.

Our objective
Our goal is your maximum benefit. When you are lifting, lowering, moving, rotating, turning, positioning, holding, pouring, tilting, joining, sorting, mounting or dismounting materials make Best Handling Technology your first contact. We offer you the best technology from our broad product portfolio - all from one source.

Safety - always the top priority
Best Handling Technology unleashes the ergonomics as a source of more efficient work.

  • Our handling equipment protects your employees by removing harmful processes.
  • Low physical stress means less sickness and a healthier, longer working lifetime.
  • At ergonomically optimized workplaces the employees are motivated and loyal.

Productivity means competitive advantage
Best Handling Technology ensures your processes are effective, easier and efficient.

  • Customized solutions optimize the handling of tools, equipment and parts reducing the setup time in production.
  • Handling tools are tailored to your needs to minimize work and increase productivity.
  • Customized lifting and transport equipment for carriers provide the right amount of material: just in time.

Ergonomics promotes good health
Best Handling Technology ensures reliable processes in the production, assembly, storage, shipping regardless of what materials need to be transported.

  • Our compact lifting and transport devices eliminate any possibility of danger - protecting both personnel and the environment.
  • Equipment that is fit for purpose that optimizes safe handling, avoiding the risk of accidents.
  • Employees are freed from manual handling of heavy loads and keep being focused on safe work.