Vacuum lifter ezzFAST

The ezzFAST vacuum lifter is used wherever speed is of the essence. With it, goods can be moved and handled quickly, safely and ergonomically. Vacuum lifters are used in particular for transport between assembly, testing and work stations, for packaging, as well as for palletizing and order picking.

Balancer ezzFLOW

Best Handling Technology recommends the use of the ezzFLOW balancer when sensitive products have to be handled, assembled or joined with precise positioning. The intuitive handling adapts perfectly to the user and thus focuses the concentration on the precision of the activity. The effort is simply taken away.

Mobile lifting aid ezzLIFT

Best Handling Technology recommends the use of the mobile lifting aid ezzLIFT when objects are transported over a limited distance from or to different locations. The mobile lifting aid impresses with its simple handling, its safe pick-up and storage of goods and its ease of movement.


Crane system ezzLINK

Best Handling Technologies carrier systems for all buildings, tasks and applications. ezzFASTflex for changing locations, ezzFASTrail for optimal coverage of your work area, ezzFASTeco as a cost-effective solution and ezzFASTrack for easy installation. ezzFAST is a perfect match for your workplaces.