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A balancer for handling, assembling and joining sensitive products

Der elektrische Balancer ezzFLOWsmart
The Balancer ezzFLOWsmart handles sensitive goods concisely by using individually adaptable load suspension devices and by being mounted to a flexible crane system.

When sensitive products need to be handled, assembled or joined with positional accuracy, the use of the ezzFLOW from Best Handling Technology is recommended. This intuitive handling system adapts perfectly to the user and his activity.

Applications of the ezzFLOW are in the area of handling when joining and assembling components, such as assembling machines, apparatus and vehicles, component and sub-assembly, loading machine tools, as well as assisting in the assembly of engines, gearboxes and clutches, and in tool changing. In addition it is excellent in many other, mostly precise handling tasks, too. Because the balancer holds the workpiece in suspension, the operator can focus his full concentration on his activity and precision. With the ability to program deceleration times, returns and speeds, directly on the on-site display, the ezzFLOW offers maximum flexibility.

There are no jerky movements in the lifting and lowering process as well as no shock load. In addition, vibration-free operation is guaranteed.

The balancer is available in an electric or air-powered version

The ezzFLOW is available in two different versions: electric or air powered.

The ezzFLOWpneumatic operates with compressed air and is a robust and fast solution for many handling tasks. It is very fast due to the pneumatic control and especially well suited for repetitive operations.

The programming of the electrical control of the ezzFLOWsmart is developed and produced in Germany. This allows maximum flexibility for customer-specific adaptations. A wide range of programming options allow integration into the higher-level control system of the production line and precise adaptation to the handling task.

All variants of the ezzFLOW are equipped with optimized load handling devices according to customer requirements. To ensure that the relevant components can be picked up safely, easily and quickly, the right load suspension device, such as a vacuum suction cup or a gripper, is of crucial importance. These load handling devices are individually adapted to the product: designed and manufactured.

The ezzFLOW balancers are mounted on the existing or new carrier system. Best Handling Technology GmbH supplies and assembles the complete balancer-based handling system, consisting of the balancer, the load handling device and the corresponding ezzLINK crane, which covers the entire working area. These handling systems are always individually combined and adapted according to the spatial situation and industrial environment and requirements of each customer.


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