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Crane system ezzLINK

Each handling system consists of a load handling device (LAM), a lifting device and the associated carrier system (cranes). ezzLINK are crane and carrier systems for a wide variety of handling systems and applications–stationary or mobile.


  • High variability: by choosing the dimensions, the material, the design and the suspension, every task with its special requirements can be mastered.

  • Robust or smart design: light materials, small cross-sections or strong profiles with high-strength materials. The application determines the design of the cranes and girder systems.

  • High flexibility: even areas that are difficult to access, low ceiling heights, limited passage heights and insufficient building fabric: there is always a solution.

  • Focus on ergonomics: the processes and routes determine the execution of the ezzLINK. The focus is on ergonomics in the workplace. The trolleys' very good rolling properties reduce physical exertion.

Dieses Bild zeigt, wie der Balancer ezzFLOWsmart am Knickarmkran ezzLINKeco montiert ist.

This a an ezzLINK knuckle boom crane with an attached ezzFLOWsmart balancer

Areas of application:

  • Provision of components for the assembly of apparatus

  • Assembly of machines, vehicles and many others

  • Automotive handling tasks, component and module assembly

  • Loading of packaging machines

  • Tool change

  • Helpful in the areas of logistics and production

  • High precision thanks to suitable hoists and controls

  • Equipping machines, shelves or workstations with suitable load handling devices


  • Execution in steel or aluminum

  • Mobile or stationary installed

  • Low maintenance

  • Zelescopic bridges and columns

  • Suitable for low room heights

  • Can be adapted to any spatial situation

  • Also available in ATEX version

  • Load capacity: up to 2000 kilo

Variants of the ezzLINK crane system



Pillar slewing crane, wall slewing crane, pillar jib crane. The simple and inexpensive solution for stationary applications.

Ob als Säulen-Schwenkkran, Säulen-Ausleger-Kran oder Wandschwenkkran: Das Kran-System ezzLINKeco passt sich den räumlichen Begebenheiten der Kunden an.



Rail system made of steel or aluminum. The modular system for your individual requirements in terms of payload and work area.

Das Schienensystem für Kräne heißt ezzLINKrail und kann an jede individuelle Anforderung angepasst werden.



Portal made of steel or aluminum. The modular carrier system grows with your requirements. With a large working and load capacity range, with and without floor mounting, it can be adapted to changing conditions at any time.

Der Portal-Kran ezzLINKrack kann auch nach der Installation stets an räumliche und andere Veränderungen beim Kunden angepasst werden.



Free-standing pillar jib crane.
The carrier system with maximum flexibility: no floor or wall mounting, can be moved in no time and is ready for use, height-adjustable telescopic mast, deployment with different reach.

Der ezzLINKflex ist ein freistehender Säulen-Ausleger-Kran mit höhenverstellbarem Teleskopmast.

Application examples of the ezzLINK crane system

The mobile height-adjustable pillar jib crane ezzLINK. The carrier system is mounted on a mobile base plate.

ezzLINK in action in Schwebheim.

Current articles about the ezzLINK crane system

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