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Best working conditions enable highest product quality with a new vacuum lifter

Dr. Schär equips site with a lifting device from Best Handling Technology

Heuchelheim: When specialized companies with the highest demands on their products invest in their own machinery, this usually also takes place at the highest qualitative level. Because only with the help of the best systems available on the market can a quality be established and ensured in the long term that prevails over the competition. For almost 40 years, the food manufacturer Dr. Schär from South Tyrol has been applying the strictest quality guidelines in the production of gluten-free and nutritionally therapeutic foods in order to improve the lives of people with special dietary needs. For this reason, no compromises are made here when it comes to acquiring new machines and components.

So it was only logical for the company, in its search for an innovative handling solution, to choose a supplier that is committed not only to making the working world easier for as many people as possible, but also in particular to the quality of its own products. The Hessian company Best Handling Technology was therefore selected to supply a modern vacuum lifter for the Ebsdorfergrund site.

Ergonomic and fast handling technology: a vacuum lifter, a slewing crane and a gripper

The vacuum lifting device supplied, type ezzFAST, is designed for loads of up to 35 kilo and was permanently installed on a T-beam in the baked goods composition area via an ezzLINKeco wall-mounted slewing crane. By means of an aluminum jib, the system is able to pick up bags of baking mixes in a radius of 400 cm and then set them down next to a scale. From a design point of view, however, this seemingly simple task was challenging, because the bags have to be picked up lying down, rotated while hanging on the crane arm, and set down upright for weighing. The bags are then opened and part of the powdered baking mix is removed before the partially emptied bag is lifted again and placed on a pallet for temporary storage. This in turn meant that a technically complex solution had to be found.

The engineers were finally able to meet the customer's requirement by equipping the bag gripper with a joint that allows the bags to be rotated 90 degrees and raised. For moving cartons, the system also has a quick-change coupling that allows the appropriate end effectors to be replaced within a very short time and with minimal personnel effort.

"We are pleased to have been able to offer Dr. Schär the ideal system for ergonomic handling of the various containers for the composition area with the combination on offer and are confident that we will be able to further expand our market share in this segment in the medium term", Winfried Kaiser, Managing Director of Best Handling Technology, commented in view of the commissioning in the fall of 2020.

However, the real challenge for the specialists at Best Handling Technology was not the handling task itself, but the conditions on site, at the customer's intended workplace. Because there was no space here for the installation of the column of an originally planned column-mounted slewing jib crane, the support system had to be rethought and adapted. In the end, the support of the wall-mounted slewing jib crane was mounted on an inclined double-T girder. With a corresponding substructure, the design and manufacture of which was also part of the scope of supply, the necessary straightening could thus be achieved.

Uwe Brandt, occupational safety specialist at the Ebsdorfergrund site, was satisfied with the solution:

"For us as Dr. Schär, our employees are our most valuable asset. In order to be able to maintain the jobs of two equally qualified employees for the next few years, we were looking for a lifting aid that also reflects the cornerstones of our company philosophy - responsibility, progress and proximity. In order to fulfill our responsibility for our employees, we were therefore interested in an innovative design adapted to the conditions on site. Best Handling Technology was able to present us with such a tailor-made solution that would meet all our requirements. In advance, our employees were able to contribute all their wishes for the new system and test it on site at the supplier's premises. In this way, a solution was created in a dynamic process that is also accepted in everyday work."

This order once again confirms the perspective of the comparatively young company Best Handling Technology to be successful in a competitive market in the long term through innovative products and the highest quality of systems and services. For the client, Dr. Schär, the cooperation that has begun is linked to the possibility of allowing employees and customers to participate in the best possible working conditions and the resulting exceptional product quality in the long term.

The vacuum lifter ezzFAST is installed on a T-beam of a wall-mounted slewing crane, so that bags can be picked up.
With the acquisition of an innovative handling system including a wall-mounted slewing crane and a vacuum lifter, two workplaces were preserved in the bakery composition.


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