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Vacuum lifter ezzFAST

ezzFAST is used wherever handling speed, in addition to safety and ergonomics, is important–for super-fast picking up and depositing of goods.

Advantages :

  • High work pace: the vacuum technology enables the workpieces to be picked up quickly and precisely positioned at the workplace.

  • Low labor costs: it only takes one person to pick up and move heavy objects. You save personnel costs.

  • Improved working conditions: heavy lifting work is completely eliminated. This is easy on your back and prevents injuries.

  • Prevents damage: suction cups replace clips and loops and reduce the risk of damaging sensitive workpieces.

  • Safety standards: vacuum lifters from Best Handling Technology GmbH meet the latest national and international safety requirements.

  • Applications in potentially explosive areas: vacuum lifters from Best Handling Technology GmbH can also be designed in accordance with ATEX guidelines.

Der Vakuumheber ezzFAST ist superschnell, sicher und ergonomisch: auch sehr gut im Ex-Bereich.

A variant of the vacuum lifter ezzFAST for explosion-hazardous areas is available

Areas of application :

  • Loading and unloading processes

  • Reloading

  • Palletizing

  • Picking

  • Numerous handling tasks in the production, testing and packaging process

  • Also suitable for ATEX

Features :

  • Version for low room height

  • Control handles for large products and large lifting heights

  • Tilting and rotating devices

  • Mechanical, pneumatic and vacuum operated grippers

  • Load capacity up to 400 kilo

Application examples of the ezzFAST vacuum lifter

The vacuum lifter ezzFAST is designed in such a way that it can handle different barrel diameters and barrel designs from 70 kilo to 250 kilo.

The ezzFAST vacuum lifter with a mobile, height-adjustable pillar jib crane for handling sacks: sacks made of paper and plastic are to be picked up by a pallet, picked up and moved to the mixer.

Current articles about the ezzFAST vacuum lifter

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