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Our mission

For us, safety, productivity and ergonomics are the basic principles for innovative handling technology. We support our customers with individual solutions to optimize processes and increase productivity.
Our solution – your maximum advantage.

Best Handling Technology offers customer-specific solutions for a wide variety of handling tasks–in the interfaces between automation and manual handling. Safety, productivity and ergonomics are the maxims that are in the foreground when implementing the solutions. Best Handling Technology enables its customers and their employees to handle loads safely and effortlessly. To do this, our handling experts use the best technology from their innovative product portfolio and rely on many years of their own experience.

Security as the focus of our actions

The protection of employees always has the highest priority. Best Handling Technology ensures safe processes in production, assembly, storage, dispatch and wherever material has to be transported between workplaces.

  • The compact lifting and transport devices protect people and the environment.

  • The handling devices and load handling devices optimized for the application are safe and avoid the risk of accidents.

  • Workplaces without carrying heavy loads are simply safer all around the clock!

Productivity means competitiveness

Best Handling Technology analyzes your processes and makes them more effective. We achieve significant savings through our experience and with a view of the entire process chain.

  • Application-optimized handling of tools, equipment and workpieces minimize the set-up time of production systems and increase throughput.

  • Intuitive handling systems reduce the time required and minimize downtimes and waiting times.

  • Flexible lifting and transport devices for load carriers of all kinds guarantee a safe material flow: just in time.

Ergonomics preserves health

Best Handling Technology opens up ergonomics as a source of efficient work because healthy and satisfied employees work more efficiently, which ultimately affects profitability.

  • Handling devices ensure that lifting heavy loads with poor physical posture belongs to the past.

  • Low physical strain amounts to low sick leave with a long working life.

  • Workers at ergonomically optimized workplaces are more motivated and remain loyal to the company in the long term.

Our team

Das Team von Best Handling Technology, einem Hersteller für ergonomische Handhabungstechnik.

Our internationally experienced team of engineers and lean experts will be happy to advise you on the existing optimization potential in all areas of production, assembly and logistics.

You have a problem? We deliver a solution. The focus is on safety, productivity and ergonomics. Our goal is your maximum advantage. We move your company forward! Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Winfried Kaiser, der Geschäftsführer von Best Handling Technology, konzipiert ergonomische Handhabungstechnik
The appreciation of the work of our workers includes ergonomic workplaces that reduce physical stress and prevent illness. The employees thank it with high productivity and loyalty to the company.


Winfried Kaiser, managing director

Helmut Bischoff, der Vertriebsleiter von Best Handling Technology, einem Hersteller ergonomischer Handhabungstechnik.
Every business is personal business! We are dealing with people. You decide!


Helmut Bischoff, sales manager

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