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Mobile lifting aid ezzLIFT

The mobile lifting aid ezzLIFT is used when objects are transported over a limited distance from or to different locations. It allows an employee to carry out activities without having to call colleagues and thus avoids waiting times for forklifts, cranes or other means of transport.


  • High dynamics and availability: can be used anywhere thanks to battery operation and high availability thanks to the long battery life.

  • Robust design: a stable and loyal partner even in harsh environments and with high clock frequencies and heavy loads.

  • High flexibility: thanks to the modular structure, it can be adapted to your own needs and requirements–be it the chassis or the standardized accessories.

  • Versatile in operation: due to the standard quick-change coupling, the lifting aid can support different tasks with different tools.

Der ezzLIFTmasterATEX ist die ideale Hebehilfe mit vielen Funktionen für den explosionsgefährdeten Bereich.

The lifting aid ezzLIFTmasterATEX can be used in explosion-hazardous areas

Areas of application:

  • Provision of components for the assembly of apparatus

  • Assembly of machines, vehicles and many others

  • Automotive handling tasks, component and module assembly

  • Tool change

  • Helpful in the areas of logistics and production

  • Handling of sensitive components

  • High precision through suitable attachments and controls

  • Equipping (packaging) machines, shelves or workplaces

  • The handling between the "supermarket" and the assembly area

  • Loading of conveyor systems or cleaning systems and much more


  • High-performance lifter

  • Drive with ball screw spindle for high safety and precision

  • Low maintenance

  • Braked motor

  • 65 mm / sec lifting speed

  • Remote control device with spiral cable

  • Rear castors with foot brakes

  • Versatility through quick-change coupling

  • Load capacity:

    • ezzLIFTlite: 50 - 250 kilo

    • ezzLIFTmaster: 80 - 500 kilo

    • ATEX version: on request

Variants of the mobile lifting aid ezzLIFT






ezzLIFT masterATEX

Application examples of the mobile lifting aid ezzLIFT

Mobile lifting aid ezzLIFTmaster with a drum gripper.

Mobile lifting aid ezzLIFTmaster for picking up, turning and storing cable drums.

Current articles about the mobile lifting aid ezzLIFT

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