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Best Handling Technology launches a lifting aid for explosion-hazardous areas

Heuchelheim (22.02.2022) – The handling experts at Best Handling Technology have launched their first ATEX-approved lifting trolley. The mobile lifting aid ezzLIFTmasterATEX is battery-operated and offers all the advantages of an electrically operated lifting aid within explosion-hazardous areas.

This photo depicts the mobile lifting aid ezzLIFTmasterATEX.
The mobile lifting aid ezzLIFTmasterATEX works safely and ergonomically in explosion-hazardous areas.

With the mobile lifting aid ezzLIFTmasterATEX, objects can now also be safely moved and handled in potentially explosion-hazardous areas.

The ezzLIFTmasterATEX has a payload of up to 300 kilos. In the standard version, the lifting aid has a lifting height of 150-1860 mm and a total height of 2000 mm. It has four conductive castors (optionally also fixed castors) and is equipped with a quick-change coupling. This means that you can switch to different load receptors or add additional ones in the future.

No more turning the hand wheel or pumping the pedals to lift and/or empty the various containers: The lifting aid can be designed as a drum lifting aid for emptying and transporting drums and/or containers and, of course, with all other add-on parts such as roller platforms, etc., which can be exchanged with one another thanks to a flexible mount.

"We are very pleased that we can provide a handling solution for the EX area with our mobile lifting aid ezzLIFTmasterATEX - a solution that is battery-operated and independent of the mains," says Winfried Kaiser, Managing Director of Best Handling Technology. "We hope that with this solution we can make an essential contribution to safe and ergonomic work in EX areas," emphasizes Kaiser.

The mobile lifting aid ezzLIFT is used when objects are transported over a limited distance from or to different locations. In addition to the standard version, the mobile lifting aid can also be made of stainless steel and for damp rooms. Depending on the use and application, lifting height, load handling equipment and payload can be individually adjusted.


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