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An ergonomic and adaptable handling system

A new ergonomic handling system is just brought on the market. It has got three components: a pillar jib crane including a knuckle boom, a mounted balancer and adaptable load suspension devices according to different requirements. The balancer is mounted directly next to the pillar of the crane, which facilitates pivoting the boom.

A pillar jib crane with a knuckel boom as well as a balancer and multiple load suspension devices make up a new, ergonomic handling system.
The new, ergonomic handling system consists of a pillar jib crane with a knuckle boom, a balancer (either electric or pneumatic) and flexible load suspension devices, such as grippers.

It’s special: industrial companies can individually adapt this ergonomic handling system to their own spacial environment and to all goods which have to be handled. For the contained balancer ezzFLOW is available as a pneumatic and electric variant. Moreover, the pillar jib crane ezzLINKeco with a knuckle boom is able to pivot within a range of 360˚ degrees, whereas common pillar jib cranes are only designed in terms of a pivoting range of 270˚ degrees. Furthermore, the base plate onto which the pillar of the crane is mounted can be shifted and moved so easily with a forklift.

Moving heavy loads effortlessly with just one hand thanks to a new ergonomic handling system

If you want to handle very sensitive goods, the pillar jib crane including a knuckle boom should be combined with the electric variant of the balancer ezzFLOW. It allows to detect the weight of every load with the help of an integrated scale which runs automatically: this enables employees to move and to handle extremely heavy loads effortlessly with only one hand. For instance, if there is a heavy carton, it is possible to lift it by pushing it at the bottom using the palm of your hand. Dropping the carton will also be an easy task if you touch the carton gently at the upper side with the balm of your hand. Various grippers can be applied to this handling system for every good, e.g. load suspension devices regarding cartons, but also drums, bins or even highly sensitive electric devices.

A vacuum suction cup handling bags is just one of the load suspension devices which can be mounted to the new handling system of Best Handling Technoloy from Germany, Heuchelheim.
Handling bags with a vacuum suction cup: it is easy with the help of a new handling system comprising a crane and a balancer, too.

The pneumatic variant of this balancer is also driven by a wire rope hoist, to which load suspension devices can be mounted at the bottom. For example, bags can be handled safely, ergonomically and very fast by using a vacuum suction cup. The proportional steering of the balancer ezzFLOWpneumatic lifts, drops, moves and shifts every load with two buttons that determine the velocity of the handling procedures. If you press one corresponding button firmly, you will reach a high speed while handling goods, whereas a gentle pressure causes a low speed. A wide range of load suspension devices can be attached also to the pneumatic balancer, such as a pneumatic inner gripper for handling cables, hoses or other goods which are wound onto a reel.  


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