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The semi-gantry crane offers these advantages

High load capacity in a large working area: gantry cranes are often used in halls or in open areas to move large loads without range limitations and thus make optimum use of the available space. Full gantry crane systems can be integrated into existing halls without major design effort. If a hall is divided into different and compartmentalized product manufacturing areas, it makes sense to equip the gantry crane with several bridges that are in use at different locations at the same time.

The semi-gantry crane is similar to the gantry crane, but on one side individual or all supports are omitted. The particular advantage of the semi-gantry crane in this application example is that the supports are only on one long side. These can be positioned along a wall, for example, or as here in front of concrete columns.

The semi-gantry crane prevents forklifts from collision

This means that there are no obstacles in the entire working area of the semi-gantry. There is no risk of collision with forklift traffic. With a normal gantry crane, there are always supports on all sides. These must be secured with collision protection, which takes up additional space. Best Handling Technology has installed a semi-gantry crane with a length of 12m and a width of 6m in the grid dimensions of a large hall. For maximum flexibility, the semi-gantry is equipped with two crane bridges. The working area is accessible from all directions and can be divided as required. The direction of approach and departure of the products is permanently adapted to the workload and the size of the products to be handled. The load capacity of the semi-gantry crane is 250 kilo per crane bridge.

This photo depicts the semi-gantry crane ezzLINKrack.
The ezzLINKrack semi-gantry crane.

A wide variety of equipment can be considered as lifting equipment for crane systems. In logistics, all types of products are handled. Chain hoists are often sufficient for products with load eyes. Depending on the type of products, these hoists are available from simple to infinitely variable.

Especially for reloading, palletizing and order picking, the products are often cartons, barrels and bags. The ezzFAST vacuum lifter is ideally suited for this purpose.

This photo shows the semi-gantry crane ezzLINKrack in conjunction with a vacuum lifter.
For instance, the semi-gantry crane ezzLINKrack can be combined with a vacuum lifter.

It is used wherever speed is of the essence. It can be used to move and handle goods quickly, safely and ergonomically. In addition to the typical containers, of which the ezzFAST can move up to six per minute, vacuum cups can also be designed for buckets, boxes, plates and sheets, as well as rolls and coils, and also for special parts. The ezzFAST vacuum lifter carries loads up to 400 kilo and is available in versions for different environments, for example with fittings and lifting hose for low headroom, telescopic operating handles for extra-high stacking or tilting, rotating and emptying devices, which can also be electrically or pneumatically assisted. The ezzFAST is also available in hygienic and Atex versions. It relieves employees from lifting heavy loads. It allows employees to perform tasks alone that in the past were only possible with the assistance of colleagues.

This photo contains the balancer ezzFLOWsmart being attached to a semi-gantry crane.
The balancer ezzFLOWsmart is meant to handle sensitive goods which need special care, and it works very well in conjunction with an ezzLINKrack semi-gantry crane.

For delicate products that require special care when handling, Best Handling Technology recommends the ezzFLOW balancer. There are no jerky movements during the lifting and lowering process, so there is no shock load. In addition, vibration-free running is guaranteed.

Electrically or pneumatically driven, the balancer keeps the material in suspension, and the operator focuses his full concentration on his job. With the possibility of programming delay times, returns and speeds, directly on the display on site, the ezzFLOW offers maximum flexibility.


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