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A futuristic and eco-friendly city at the Red Sea evolves with the help of German handling technology

Die Experten für Handhabungstechnik von Best Handling Technology aus Heuchelheim helfen den Saudi-Arabern, eine Zukunftsstadt in der Wüste am Roten Meer aufzubauen, indem wichtige Geräte für den Aufbau geliefert werden.

Amid the desert, deep in the north-west of Saudi Arabia and next to the Red Sea, architects are just constructing an eco-friendly, futuristic city. The German company Best Handling Technology delivers important handling devices to the construction site, so that this unprecedented city can be set up.


A vision for the planet and mankind

The giant vision regarding this city comprises urban life within nature, nine million residents, high speed subways, a total city length of 170 kilometers, no carbon dioxide emissions, a completely green energy supply as well as a stunning touristic infrastructure. This green and sustainable city is called THE LINE, and it is the most ambitious city project throughout the whole planet. Moreover, it will ensure the survival of millions of people in the desert. The total scope of the city will be reached in the year 2045, according to the original timetable.


Handling heavy and sensitive components effortlessly with handling technology

A foundation of the city’s energy supply is green electricity, which is produced autonomously by the Saudi Arabians with the help of electrolysis: hydrogen is derived from water with a cathode and an anode. By burning the hydrogen afterwards, electricity evolves without any emissions. The German company Best Handling Technology provides the construction site with handling technology, so that it is possible to place heavy, big and sensitive components in order to set up the electrolysis installation.


By the year 2030, a city section with a length of 2,4 kilometers will be built for 300000 residents. The giant city is part of NEOM, a special economic zone with settlement options in attractive city areas, such as THE LINE. Furthermore, destinations for tourists are already planned: the beach resort “Sindalah” and the mountain resort “Trojena”. A lot of hightech and robotics are required to carry through the whole urban and economic vision: living sustainably and being one with nature. Ergonomic, fast and safe handling systems of the company Best Handling Technology from Germany help to implement this vision.


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