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Ergonomic handling technology: a new and experienced salesman is on board

Best Handling Technology, one of the leading manufacturers of adaptable handling devices and handling systems, welcomes a new team member on board of the department of distribution: Mr. Martin Dicke-Künitz. These are the facts about the new colleague:

Mr. Martin Dicke-Künitz, an engineer, has joined the department of distribution of Best Handling Technology, a leading manufacturer of ergonomic, fast and efficient handling devices.
Mr. Martin Dicke-Künitz has joined the department of distribution of Best Handling Technology.

Name: Martin Dicke-Künitz

Position: distribution

First month of employment: may, 2024

Job experience: graduate engineer and salesman ever since 20 years

Four words about Best Handling Technology: „Safety, nothing but safety“

The most important equipment is: a phone, a laptop and everything wich is required for communication and distribution

„Having made good experiences within distribution on a national and international level for decades, I want to contribute to keep on the positive development of the company Best Handling Technology, and even more customers and people shall get in touch with the company due to my help.“

As a leading manufacturer of ergonomic handling technology, the company Best Handling Technology offers health-protective, very fast and efficient balancers, vacuum lifters, mobile lifting aids and combinable cranes, as well as load suspension devices: this handling technology can be adapted individually to the customers‘ requirements and their industrial and spatial environment. Now a new, experienced salesman is available for the customers of Best Handling Technology, as Mr. Martin Dicke-Künitz has embarked on the department of distribution.


Ergonomic handling technology: “A variety of different customers with multiple requirements“

“The wide range of possible solutions amounting to a variety of different customers with multiple requirements is someting in which I take delight immediately after a couple of days after the onset of the job“, Mr. Martin Dicke-Künitz says.

Before Mr. Martin Dicke-Künitz, an engineer, commenced to work at Best Handling Technology as a salesman, he was the head of the “department of technology and innovation“ of a loading plant in the oil and gas industry.


If you want to get in touch with Mr. Martin Dicke-Künitz with regard to requests about ergonomic, safe and fast handling technology, or if you need further information about our products, he is available for you from now onwards:

Mobile phone: + 49 (0) 173 74 63 203


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