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Ergonomic transport and lifting technology with the mobile lifting aid ezzLIFT

Ergonomics is understood as an "optimal mutual adaptation between man and his working conditions". This adaptation is important in order to support the employee in the best possible way. If you deal with ergonomics, you also deal with productivity and efficiency as well as the topic of safety, because these are directly influenced by ergonomics.

Ergonomic transport and lifting technology ensured by a lifting aid

There are recommendations of the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs for the implementation of the European Directive 90/269/EEC. This deals with minimum safety and health requirements for the manual handling of loads, which poses a particular risk to the workers' lumbar spine.

The recommendation specifies how much reasonable load an employee can be expected to carry. For women of all ages, the reasonable load for occasional lifting and carrying (no more than 1 time per hour) is 15 kilo. For men, however, it is graduated according to age: 15-18 years 35 kilo, 19-45 years 55 kilo and over 45 years 45 kilo. With more frequent lifting and carrying (at least twice per hour), women of any age may lift 10 kilo. Men between 15-18 years 20 kilo, 19-45 years 30 kilo and over 45 years 25 kilo.

To comply with this recommendation, it is important to provide employees with proper support to carry and lift heavy loads in an optimal and ergonomic way. Ergonomic workflows protect employees' posture and movement. This keeps them fit, healthy and motivated in the long term. This is a win-win situation for both sides: profitability for the company and humanity for the employees. In this way, ergonomics can combine health protection and effectiveness.

One solution that supports employees during transport and lifting is a mobile lifting aid.

Transporting, dosing, weighing, mixing: the ezzLIFTmaster is the proper solution

Best Handling Technology recommends the use of the ezzLIFTmaster mobile lifting aid when items need to be lifted repeatedly and transported over a limited distance from or to different locations, when dosing or weighing is required. The advantages of the ezzLIFTmaster are its easy handling, safe pick-up and placement of the goods, and very good maneuverability. The lifting aid can be used universally and is battery-powered. With its versatile standardized accessories and customized solutions, it offers attractive support for many operations involving lifting and moving. The quick-change coupling makes it possible to switch quickly to different applications, for example from mold changing to packaging film handling.

The lifting trolley is able to perform a wide range of handling tasks: up/down, reach/release, swivel, tilt, free programming of different positions and customized pick-up and handling functions.


When it comes to moving, decanting or transferring large quantities of products, for example from buckets and drums into mixing containers, the ezzLIFTmaster is ideally suited. Containers weighing up to 500 kilo can be handled with the ezzLIFTmaster.

When batching, the source container must often be positioned above the target container with the batch. Holding the container by hand and batching at the same time is not possible. The ezzLIFTmaster lifting aid assists the operator in picking up, moving and emptying the containers. It also allows operators to move back and forth between containers and adjust the height during transfer.

Rotating the container to empty the contents is done manually via a crank or electrically at the touch of a button. A wide variety of container shapes can be handled: Barrels, cartons, buckets, sacks and much more. A wide selection of different grippers enables different containers to be clamped so that everything can be held and emptied safely. Cartons, barrels and buckets can be clamped and rotated as desired.

With the ezzLIFTmaster's discharge function to the front or side, pouring can be easily and accurately metered. Because the flowability depends on the substances, which are powdery or liquid, the operator can support the dosing with a trowel without effort. Here, the operator gets relief by holding the container, which enables the ergonomic work.


A special tool of the ezzLIFTmaster is an integrated scale. The advantage here is that weighing can also be carried out directly on the lifting aid. There is a weighing cell on the base frame of the lifting aid, on which a weighing platform sits.

Die Wiegezelle der Hebehilfe ezzLIFTmaster
The load cell of the ezzLIFTmaster lifting aid

The display is usually located on the column of the mobile lifting aid. However, the display can be placed according to customer requirements. For example, it can also be attached to a flexible arm so that it can be rotated individually. Depending on the design, the scale can weigh a maximum weight of up to 500 kg. This means that the mass can be weighed directly during decanting and dosing without having to carry out another intermediate step.


For small batches, the ezzLIFTmaster can also be used as a continuous mixing device. The advantage here is that the substances can be metered and then mixed directly without having to change the unit. Here, with the lifting aid, a container can be picked up, lifted, mixed and set down. The positions are then approached by pressing a key. This can also be done while the machine is moving. Mixing operation is also performed by pressing a key. By means of a special control system, the positions of the pick-up and set-down points as well as the mixing (duration, reversal of direction, ...) can be preset.

Der ezzLIFTmaster mit Greifer als Dauermischgerät
ezzLIFTmaster as a continuous mixing device

A mobile lifting aid thus offers considerable advantages for the employee in many respects. The lifting aid ensures safety, as the operator can keep an eye on the operation and does not work near the moving load. Furthermore, safety devices have been incorporated to prevent accidental release. From a productivity point of view, the ezzLIFTmaster also offers added value: by avoiding fatigue, the employee can work more effectively. Ergonomic transport and lifting technology: the lifting aid provides accident-free work and the prevention of occupational diseases.


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