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Hygienic lifting and moving: mobile lifting aid for the food industry

In the food industry, too, large and heavy containers have to be moved and refilled. Here in particular, strict directions apply that do not allow every kind of lifting support. They have to be hygienic, easy to clean and corrosion-resistant. Further mandatory requirements for a lifting aid in the food industry are: robust, stable, ergonomic and durable. All of this is guaranteed by the mobile lifting aid ezzLIFTmaster, which is thus provided as hygienic version made of stainless steel. Best Handling Technology recommends the use of the mobile lifting aid ezzLIFTmaster if objects have to be lifted repeatedly and transported over a limited distance from or to different locations or if dosing or weighing also has to be carried out during handling.

Advantages of the ezzLIFTmaster are the easy handling, the safe picking up and depositing of the goods as well as the good maneuverability. The lifting aid can be used universally and is operated with a battery. With its versatile standardized accessories and customer-specific solutions, it offers attractive support for many work processes that involve lifting and moving.

Handling heavy containers with a powerful and ergonomic lifting aid

When it comes to moving, transferring or pouring large quantities of products, for example from buckets and barrels into mixing containers, the ezzLIFTmaster is ideally suited. Containers up to 500 kilo can be handled with the ezzLIFTmaster. In the example below, 250 kilo of fish are emptied into a processing line. For this purpose, the transport container for the food is raised over 2 m and electrically driven and emptied into a chute for further processing. Similar lifting aids are also used for much smaller quantities.

Emptying and Dosing is not a problem at all with the help of the lifting aid ezzLIFTmaster.
The lifting aid ezzLIFTmaster is even able to dose by emptying.


When dispensing, the source container often has to be positioned over the target container with the batch. Holding the container by hand and dosing at the same time is not possible. The ezzLIFTmaster lifting aid supports the operator in picking up, moving and emptying the containers. In addition, the operator can use it to move back and forth between the containers and adjust the height when pouring it. The container can be turned to empty the contents manually using a crank or electrically by pressing a button. A wide variety of container shapes can be picked up: barrels, cardboard boxes, buckets, sacks and much more. A wide range of different grippers enables different containers to be clamped so that everything can be held and emptied safely. Cardboard boxes, barrels and buckets can be clamped and rotated as required.

With the emptying function of the ezzLIFTmaster to the front or to the side, doses can be easily and precisely dosed by pouring. Because the flowability depends on the substances, which are powdery or liquid, the operator can support the dosing effortlessly with a trowel.


A special tool of the ezzLIFTmaster is an integrated scale. The advantage here is that you can also weigh directly on the lifting aid. There is a load cell on the base frame of the lifting aid on which a weighing platform sits. Incoming goods can also be verified, weighed and saved here using the weighing cell in conjunction with a data logger or an online connection.

This photo shows the integrated scale of the lifting aid ezzLIFTmaster.
The lifting aid ezzLIFTmaster is provided with an integrated scale enabling the device to weigh all the handled goods, loads and substances.

The display is usually located on the column of the mobile lifting aid, but can be placed according to customer requirements. For example, it can also be attached to a flexible arm so that it can be rotated individually. Depending on the version, the scale can weigh a maximum weight of up to 500 kg. In this way, the mass can be weighed directly during decanting and dosing without having to undertake an additional intermediate step.

Even Mixing is rendered by the lifting aid ezzLIFTmaster.
One of the features of the lifting aid ezzLIFTmaster is to work as permanent mixer regarding small batches.


The ezzLIFTmaster can also be used as a permanent mixer for small batches. The advantage is: the substances can be dosed and then mixed directly without changing the device. Here, a container can be picked up, lifted, mixed and put down with the lifting aid. The positions are then approached by pressing a button. This can also be done while driving. Mixed operation is also carried out by pressing a button. The positions of the pick-up and drop-off points as well as the mixing (duration, reversal of direction, ...) can be preset using a special control system.


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