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ezzLIFTmaster: mobile lifting aid for loading packaging machines

If items have to be lifted repeatedly and transported over a limited distance from or to different locations, the ezzLIFTmaster mobile lifting aid is suitable. Advantages include easy handling, safe pick-up and placement of the goods, and good maneuverability. The lifting aid can be used universally and is battery-powered. With its versatile standardized accessories and customized solutions, it offers attractive support for many operations involving lifting and moving. Even in confined spaces, the ezzLIFTmaster is easy to move thanks to its four swivel casters. The quick-change coupling makes it possible to switch quickly to different applications, for example from mold changing to packaging film handling. The lifting trolley is able to perform a wide range of handling tasks: up/down, gripping/releasing, swiveling, tilting, free programming of different positions and customer-specific pick-up and handling functions.

They support ergonomic work and relieve the employee. Handling devices allow the employee to perform tasks without having to call colleagues and avoid waiting times for forklifts, cranes or other means of transport.

Even an integrated scale is one of the features of this lifting aid for loading packaging machines.
The features of the lifting aid for loading packaging machines also comprise an integrated scale.

Weighing with the ezzLIFTmaster

A special tool of the ezzLIFTmaster is an integrated scale. The advantage here is that weighing can also be carried out directly on the lifting aid. There is a weighing cell on the base frame of the lifting aid, on which a weighing platform sits. The incoming goods can also be verified, weighed and stored here by the weighing cell in conjunction with a data logger or an online connection. The display is usually located on the column of the mobile lifting aid. The display can be placed according to customer requirements. For example, it can also be attached to a flexible arm so that it can be rotated individually. Depending on the design, the scale can weigh a maximum weight of up to 500 kg. This means that the mass can be weighed directly during decanting and dosing without having to carry out another intermediate step. The contents can then be transported directly to the destination and transferred.

Dosing during packing: it's easy and safe with a lifting aid for loading packaging machines

When it comes to moving, decanting or transferring large quantities, for example from buckets and drums into packaging containers, the ezzLIFTmaster is ideally suited. When decanting, the heavy containers are often held by hand. This is not an ergonomic working posture and is also dangerous, as there is always the risk of dropping the container in the process.

The ezzLIFTmaster lifting aid supports the operator in picking up, moving and emptying the containers. It also allows operators to move back and forth between containers and adjust the height when transferring them.

Rotating the container to empty the contents is done manually via a crank or electrically at the touch of a button. A wide variety of container shapes can be handled: Barrels, cartons, buckets, sacks and much more. A wide selection of different grippers enables different containers to be clamped so that everything can be held and emptied safely. Cartons, barrels and buckets can be clamped and rotated as desired.

With the ezzLIFTmaster's forward or side discharge function, pouring can be easily and accurately metered. In addition, when the container is clamped, the operator can use a ladle to assist the dosing process. Here, the operator gets relief by holding the container, which enables ergonomic working.

Support when loading packaging machines

When loading packaging machines, at least two packaging materials are needed: the bottom film, which may be thermoformed, and the top film. These films are loaded from reels either laterally, onto permanently installed mandrels of the packaging machine, or loaded with a mandrel and placed in the fork-shaped loading device of the packaging machine.

A big and heavy packing roll is handled by the ezzLIFTmaster, a lifting aid for loading packaging machines.
The ezzLIFTmaster, a lifting aid for loading packaging machines, is handling a packing roll.

The reels, which weigh up to 500 kg, can be handled easily and quickly with the ezzLIFTmaster. Loading machine mandrels works best with a reel turner: this grips the core, turns the reel and lifts it in front of the mandrel, where it can be pushed into the machine. For loose mandrels, either a gripper from the outside or a reel turner with additional trolley is suitable.

The same reel turner can be used for 70-76 and 152 mm diameter reel cores. The lifting aids can be supplied in steel, stainless steel and even hygienic and CIP-capable. The lifting aid for rolls is also suitable for changing thermoforming dies thanks to a quick-change gripper system. Special versions are also available for even heavier loads. This lifting aid for loading packaging machines is very flexible, adaptable, fast and ergonomic for operators.

With a mandrel, this lifting aid for loading packaging machines handles rolls.
A mandrel is installed, so that this flexible lifting aid for packaging machines is able to handle the rolls.


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