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Safe, productive and ergonomic handling devices

Handling systems are used wherever products have to be moved and relocated quickly and safely. These can be electronic or pneumatic in nature. In addition to the available resources, quantity, type and repetition frequency are decisive for the selection of the right handling system.

Stay in balance with the balancer ezzFLOW

If sensitive products have to be handled or assembled with precise positioning, the use of a balancer is recommended. The intuitive handling system adapts perfectly to the user and his activity. Since the balancer keeps the workpiece in suspension, the operator can focus his full concentration on his work and precision.

Heavy goods with a weight of up to 1 ton can be lifted by the balancer ezzFLOWsmart.
The balancer ezzFLOWsmart is able to handle goods with a weight of up to 1 ton.

The example presented below is an electric balancer – ezzFLOWsmart. The aim here was to optimize the efficiency of the packaging process and to protect the health of the employees in the long term. Since the handling tasks were varied and the boxes to be moved were very different, a tailor-made load handling device had to be developed specifically for handling the special packaging units.

The solution from Best Handling Technology is an adjustable, pneumatic vacuum gripper that can pick up the heavy boxes from above. The adjustment enables adaptation to the different box sizes in seconds. A higher-level control system reduces the compressed air consumption and prevents the load from falling due to incorrect operation.

Decisive advantages for the customer are productivity, as the ease of use enables an optimal working speed. The ease of movement of the knuckle boom crane, the flexibility of the LAM and the intuitive operation enable an optimal working speed and protect the employees. Due to the flexibility of the gripper, there is no need to change tools despite the variety of products. Finally, the ergonomic advantage also plays a role, as the operator does not have to reach too high or too deep despite the large lifting height range. A laser pointer for quick and safe positioning of the vacuum cleaner rounds off the solution.

A safe and quick handling device: the ezzFAST vacuum lifter

The vacuum lifter is used wherever speed is important.

In this application example, bags of different types (paper, plastic) should be removed from different source pallets and picked onto the opposite target pallets. The aim should be to pick up the sacks quickly and move them to the individual pallets, thus massively increasing throughput and relieving employees.

Both the balancer ezzFLOW and the vacuum lifter ezzFAST are ergonomic handling devices which work fast and concisely.
Handling bags with the vacuum lifter ezzFAST: this ergonomic handling device is appropriate for working ergonomically with high speed, whereas the balancer ezzFLOWsmart is designed to handle very sensitive goods and materials carefully and concisely.

The solution developed by Best Handling Technology is a twin bridge crane with several bridges, which allows several systems, consisting of bridge and vacuum lifter, to be picked up. This means that you can work on several workstations at the same time. Decisive advantages for the customer are under the aspect of security that it is not possible for loads to fall off, because if the vacuum pump fails, the sack with suction cup slowly lowers downwards.

In terms of productivity, the ease of use, the high lifting and lowering speed and the ease of movement of the crane bridges are advantageous. Thanks to the flexibility of the gripper, there is no need to change tools despite the large variety of products. Ergonomic advantages with this solution: no physical strain, easy moving and positioning of the bags.


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