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Stack high with a pneumatic balancer

If sensitive products have to be handled, assembled or joined with precise positioning, the use of the ezzFLOW from Best Handling Technology is recommended. This intuitive handling system adapts perfectly to the user and his activity.

The areas of application of the ezzFLOW are in the area of ​​joining and assembling components, such as assembling machines, apparatus and vehicles, assembling components and assemblies, loading machine tools, as well as assembling aids for motors, gears and clutches and changing tools. In addition, in many other, mostly precise, handling tasks.

The ezzFLOW as an automation solution

In addition to its widespread use as an aid for manual handling, the ezzFLOWpneumatic as a drive unit is also the core of automation solutions from Best Handling Technology.

In the following table you will find a brief overview of the technical data of the compressed air operated ezzFLOWpneumatic:



compressed air


up to 120 m/min

power consumption

15 Nl/stroke

load range

up to 350 kg

load detection

repetitive load

ATEX execution


tool change

quick coupling

Drive of the ezzFLOWpneumatic

The pneumatic cylinder converts its longest movement into a rotary movement via a ball spindle. This is used to move a rope. This rope is guided over the linear axis and moves the slide of the linear axis.

The product holder is located on the slide of the linear axis, which also executes any necessary rotational movements.

This chart shows that the pneumatic cylinder's ball spindle of the balancer ezzFLOWpneumatic moves a rope, which enables the whole handling system to use multiple load suspension devices. Moreover, a provided crane system makes this handling system very flexible.
The ball spindle of the pneumatic cylinder moves a rope to wich load suspension devices can be attached.

The ezzFLOWpneumatic is a robust and fast solution for many handling tasks. Thanks to the pneumatic control, it is very fast and, above all, ideally suited for repetitive processes that are typical for automatic processes.

All variants of the ezzFLOW are equipped with optimized load handling devices according to the customer's requirements. The right load suspension device is of crucial importance so that the corresponding components can be picked up safely, quickly and with repeatability. These load handling devices are adapted, designed and manufactured to the product.

Part of the ezzFLOWpneumatic is a carrier system that accommodates all moving parts of the automation solution and at the same time the position of the components on the source and target load carriers registered.

The carrier system is always adapted to the positions of the load pick-up and the load deposit as well as the desired travel path. Best Handling Technology supplies and installs the complete balancer-based handling system, consisting of the balancer, the load handling device and the appropriate crane system ezzLINK.

The balancer ezzFLOWpneumatic in use

A machine uses aluminum coils to produce the caps of infusion bottles that are packed manually. The filled boxes are glued and have to be stacked up to 2 m high. The difficulty of this application: it has to be stacked above head height, the boxes weigh 25 kilo and are mostly stacked by women. To do this, you need a very smooth lifting aid with a flexible operating handle so that you neither have to bend down nor stretch during this activity.

The relevance of this balancer for the food industry is very striking: This application example shows a solution meeting the requirements of hygiene and ergonomics.

The solution from Best Handling Technology is: The ezzFLOWpneumatic balancer is permanently attached to an ezzLINKeco knuckle boom crane. The rope is guided over the boom via two deflections. At the end end of the rope, a vacuum suction cup including a control element with a display perfectly works as a fast and ergonomic load suspension device. This construction allows easy movement of the handlings system throughout the work area even in cramped surroundings.

A carton is handled by the balancer ezzFLOWpneumatic which meets the requirements of hygiene and ergonomics within the food industry.
The balancer ezzFLOWpneumatic can be combined with plenty of load handling devices, e.g. with vacuum suction cups. It is attached to a knuckle boom crane. Thus, a fast, ergonomic and reliable handling system is set up.

The vacuum suction cup has got four suction cups, the position and size of which are adapted to the boxes.

The control element has buttons for the up and down movement as well as for sucking in and releasing. The visual display shows the availability: red means “carton is lifted”, green means “available”. In addition, the release button is deactivated as soon as a carton is in suspension.

The controls are mounted on a handle extension with spring weight compensation, the length of which depends on the lifting height and the size of the boxes. This means that it is always possible to work in an upright position. The pneumatic vacuum generator and the control valves are housed under a smooth cover.


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