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The vacuum tube lifter ezzFAST in practice

Customer proximity and many years of experience pay off: For the picking of animal feed, which is contained in a wide variety of bags with a maximum weight of 30 kilo, the vacuum tube lifter ezzFAST was developed.

Several vacuum tube lifters named ezzFAST are mounted to a crane system to meet the individual requirements of the customer.
With the help of a crane system being connected to the vacuum tube lifter ezzFAST, this handling system meets the requirements of the customer's individual spatial conditions.

Healthy lifting: ergonomic handling and picking of livestock feed with a very fast vacuum tube lifter

Adapting to the individual industrial environment and needs of the customer, a handling system consisting of several vacuum tube lifters was installed. The system is mounted on several bridges so that several workstations can be worked on at the same time. Each bridge has a separate independent vacuum lifting system, each with its own vacuum pump.

The H-crane rail system with a load capacity of 250 kilo consists of a steel substructure and the runways mounted on it. It is a double system, the crane bridges are made of aluminum and are extremely smooth-running. The total spatial dimension of the handling system comprises 14 x 16 meters. Many thanks to the Schäflein company.


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