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Vacuum lifter in a hygienic environment

In the food and pharmaceutical industries, high requirements apply to machines of all kinds. Handling systems are also affected. In “The Guideline of the Machinery Directive-2006-42-eg”, these can be found under Section 277 “Hygiene requirements for machines intended for use with food or with cosmetic or pharmaceutical products”. There are requirements regarding construction, installation and execution of these. The hoists must not be contaminated; they must be easy to clean and, if necessary, to disinfect. This also applies to vacuum tube lifters, which are very often found in the food industry.

The ezzFAST vacuum lifter is used wherever speed is of the essence. With it, goods can be moved and handled quickly, safely and ergonomically. Vacuum lifters are used in particular for loading and unloading processes, as well as for reloading, palletizing and order picking. In addition to the typical containers such as sacks, cardboard boxes and barrels, of which the ezzFAST can easily move six units per minute, its applications also include buckets, boxes, sheets and boards as well as rolls and coils. With the appropriate load handling device, the vacuum lifter can be optimally adapted to different tasks. For example, upright sacks can also be picked up without any problems and then placed horizontally on pallets. The ezzFAST is also used when emptying sacks, buckets and small load carriers (KLT).

Der Vakuumheber ezzFAST für das Handling von Säcken, Fässern und Kartons in der Lebensmittelindustrie
vacuum lifter ezzFAST hygienic version

The example shown above is about a system that is in use in a dairy company. In the hygienic version, made of stainless steel, with sealing materials approved for the environment and its hygienic design (e.g. surface properties, easy cleaning), the ezzFAST vacuum lifter is particularly suitable for use in hygienic environments. It is superior to other systems, e.g. those powered by compressed air, because no substances are brought in from the environment, but rather the air is sucked in and brought out outside of the hygiene area. For this purpose, the vacuum pump, the filter and the corresponding valves are placed outside the hygiene area so that the air can only escape in one direction.

Lactose, which is used in pharmacy, is produced in the above-mentioned plant. The task for the application was to pick up the milk sugar after filling it and then to palletize it. The packaging takes place in sacks, barrels or cardboard boxes. Our ezzFAST vacuum lifter was used as a fast handling system, which can pick up and move all containers using a quick-change coupling for the various suction cups. The suction cups as well as the quick-change unit are made of stainless steel. Another special feature of the system: The room must be cleaned wet with disinfectant, which means that the device must also withstand wet cleaning.

Since the products had to be moved to different places in the filling area, a one-way rail system was used as the carrier system for the vacuum lifter, which covers the entire work area by means of switches.

The ezzFAST vacuum lifter also offers other special features. It can also be used with low room heights. Compact components are available for this, which significantly reduce the space required in height. The ezzFAST demonstrates great flexibility through the ability to quickly change the suction cups. The operating handle can also be adapted to high altitudes for products and tall boxes. There is also the option of rotating or tilting the container. The tilting and turning process can be supported electrically or pneumatically. With the ezzFAST, products weighing up to 40 kg can be moved safely and intuitively.

The ezzFAST relieves employees from lifting heavy loads, protects them from lifting hazards and allows them to carry out activities with just one person that previously had to be done by two employees. That makes the company competitive, effective and safe.


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